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Does a walk-in shower add value?

A walk in shower is something that all true shower lovers enjoy. No waiting for the tub to fill and less risk of falling getting in and out. Walk in showers also can have features that a tub won’t. But does replacing a tub with a walk in shower add value to your home? For […]

McKinney Pool Service

6 Features for Your In-Ground Pool

An in-ground pool is a big investment and you want your family and friends to get the most enjoyment from it as possible. A waterfall feature not only looks good but is fun to swim through. A slide is a must if you have kids. The grown ups will enjoy it too. Lighting keeps your […]

Custom Horse Stalls

Rockin J is Family Owned and Operated

Rockin J was started in 1981 by JR Gilreath, Rocky, and Keeta Gilreath. After retiring from American Airlines, JR started training horses. Since both he and son Rocky shared a passion for horses, and both saw a need for top-quality, well-made metal horse stalls and custom equine products, they decided to start Rockin J Horse […]

Boat Dock Bumpers

What size boat bumpers do I need?

Boat dock bumpers offer an alternative to vertical dock post bumpers. Wham Guard suggests using boat bumpers with 1 inch of diameter per 4 to 5 feet of boat length. For example, a 20- to 25-foot boat would require at least 6-inch boat bumpers; a 25- to 35-foot boat would use 8-inch boat bumpers. Give […]

Tulsa Hearing Aids

Should I always wear my hearing aids?

Using your hearing aids throughout the day is important. You can loose the gains you’ve made because you become unaccustomed to hearing all the things you did when you wore them all the time. Your brain is very adaptable to the changes occurring around you, but not wearing your hearing aids can cause your brain […]

Claremore Allergy Clinic

How to Manage Your Allergies

Living with allergies is certainly no fun and can even be miserable. The good news is that allergies can be managed allowing improved quality of life. Each person’s allergies are different so you’ll have to figure out what treatment option or options will best keep your allergies in check. Once you have identified potential allergy […]

Cowhide Rugs

Things to Know Before Purchasing A Cowhide Rug

A genuine cowhide rug can last for years. They are perfect for active families, kids and pets and are easy to maintain. When purchasing, be careful to make sure you are buying what is being displayed. Know what you’re getting. Cowhides rugs are hypoallergenic. Unlike regular rugs, cowhides won’t hold allergens and don’t shed fibers. […]

Tulsa SEO

5 Reasons SEO Marketing Could Help Grow Your Business

It is not a secret that SEO is a good way to market your business. It allows you to attract leads straight to your website, which means increased revenue for your company. The importance of online SEO is obvious, but let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why it’s one of the best online marketing strategies […]

Drum Lifter

What Does a Drum Dolly Do?

A drum dolly lets you easily transport a standard 55-gallon drum. You can also get a Stainless Steel Drum Dolly – 30 Gallon for a 30-gallon drum. They have swivel casters that allow for safely moving the drum in any direction with minimal effort. offers a great and easy way to purchase a drum […]

Tulsa Landscape Company

Let Redbud Lawn Take Care of Your Christmas Lights Installation in Tulsa

Christmas is coming and that means Christmas lights and decorations for your home. It seems that more time, effort and money are being put intoChristmas lighting and decorating than ever before. One of the new trends in Christmas lighting is smart lights. These lights can be controlled by an app on your phone. Another is […]