Tulsa Safe Rooms

What are Necessary Items for Your Safe Room?

A “safe room” is a room in your house that has been built or modified to withstand an all-out assault by home invaders, whether burglars, terrorists, stalkers, or would-be kidnappers. What are those necessary items? The things you choose to stock in your safe room depend upon the situations you are trying to protect yourself against and how long you expect to be there. Some basics include:
• A phone
• Drinking water
• Food
• A portable toilet, toilet paper, and moistened wipes
• Diapers, food, and clothing for baby if needed
• A first-aid kit
• Blankets and pillows for comfort
• A change of clothing and underwear
• A light source that is not dependent on your home’s electricity
• N95 masks
• At least several doses of all regularly needed prescriptions or OTC meds
• A battery-operated or hand-cranked radio
• Duct tape
• A ladder (if second story)
• Defensive weapons if you choose to have them
• Additional items to consider, depending on the size and purpose of your room, could include:
• Reflective blankets for additional warmth
• A battery-powered fan for cooling and circulation (you will want lots of extra batteries)
• Books or an e-reader such as a Kindle or Nook, loaded with material for whatever ages you have in your family (and a way to charge electronics)
• Electronic or board games
• Bowl, water, and food for pets if they are likely to be with you. Folded newspaper or a small litter box
• A bolted-down safe for valuables—cash, passports (thieves love to get hold of these, they sell very well on the streets), jewelry, etc.
• Potassium Iodide tablets in case of a radiation threat
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