which company is best for you for garage door?

When you begin the process for shopping for a garage door, you can become overwhelmed with the amount of choices you have. It’s not only something you will use several times a day, but it’s also the largest focal point of your homes curb appeal.

We at Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. simply do not want to sell you a garage door, we want to help you buy the right garage door for you. Most garage door companies push you towards buying what they want to sell you. We want you to buy a door you’re going to enjoy for years to come. We do that by finding out what style appeals to you? How many times a day do you plan to open and shut the door? Is having an insulated door important to you? Knowing the answers to those three important questions allows us to then give you some options. 

Not all garage doors are made the same. They may look alike but there are HUGE differences in quality and longevity. A couple of important questions you want to ask garage door companies when shopping around are. 

Are you the only dealer in the Tulsa/Green Country area that sells your product? Why is this important? You never want to purchase a garage door from a company if they are the only ones that carry sections or parts for their brand of door or opener.  If after your door is installed and you have an issue, their service after the sale may be horrible. Not only that, they can charge you what they want for repairs because they know you can't use anyone else. 

Do you use contract labor to install your doors? This is HUGE!! Never do business with a company that doesn’t use their own employee’s. The service after the sale for these type’s of companies is very poor. Not only that, you have no idea who you are giving access to your home. Many times they are not insured properly and if they hurt themselves on your property they can sue you. 

Do you have a local office? Not very many people come to our shop to buy or look at garage doors because of our website and most of the estm’is done at their home because of all the measurements needed etc: What you do want to know by this question is are they local. Most companies who are not local dodge the question, “Where are you located”? Most of them have a suite number or address that is actually a post office.

In the Tulsa market there are new garage door companies every year. We have 4 to 5 that blow in, blow up and blow out every year. They leave a bunch of people with no warranties on the products they sold them. They are huge on gimmicks!!! $200 off a new garage door, $125 off a new opener, Lifetime warranties or 5 years on parts and labor and it goes on. They put in the cheapest products so they can turn a profit and then when things start going south they leave. There are also companies who dodge warranty by changing their phone numbers and name every year.

We at Assurance Overhead Doors, Inc. pride ourselves on giving our customers the best experience possible. We are a locally family opened company that has been providing service to Tulsa/Green Country area for over 20 years. We have chosen to install garage door products that are made right here in the great state of Oklahoma!! Not only are the Mid-America products some of the best in the market, they provide great service to their partners. We are also a proud partner with Liftmaster Garage Door Openers. They are the most trusted garage door opener company on the market. Our goal is to keep customers for life!! We have the best service after the sale in our market. We have guaranteed same day service if you call us before Noon. We have tech’s on call during the weekends. Each day 81% of the people who call us for service or for a new install are past customers or referrals. All of our tech’s go through a back ground check and drug test. They spend 6 months in training before they are allowed to perform service in the field on their own. They are always in a uniform and marked truck. We also pride ourselves on being on time. We know your time is valuable and we aim to beat your expectations when it comes to fast, punctual service.